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The items below show details from completed projects. My first love as a young boy was drawing cool cars.
Automotive illustration > It is all in the details. Knowing what the difference is between a 1957 and 1958 Chevrolet is so important. Also key is to create a design that appeals to a wide range of Chevrolet buffs. Thus is the task of delivering a piece of automotive artwork.

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Click on insert above for a full image window to open. The artwork above was output on T shirts for cruise in event. (Spot color films)

All artwork done in FreeHand
Customer: Rose City Classics.
Automotive illustration, car T shirt, car art, cruise in shirts, 1958 Chevrolet, 1957 Chevrolet illustration
  Below > a slideshow of illustrated projects
Below > detail from one of the many Fly-In Cruise-In designs

Final art found the girl edited out to allow more focus on the truck and airplane art. The design was output as wearables for the event.

All artwork done in FreeHand 10
Customer: Amber Graphics
Make it POP! Color choice is just as important as the line art. The goal is for a rich, vibrant design.
It always starts > with a sketch. Great illustration has to start somewhere. A sketch conveys what the customer desires and how I am interpreting it. Once down on paper- it is straight into building the illustration as vector artwork.
Only 5 spot colors. But with halftone blends it looks like 8.

Octoberfest artwork

Click on image for completed artwork. Output to various wearables and print media.
All artwork done in FreeHand 11
Customer(s): AmberGraphics/HSMX
1960 Cadillac artwork, illustration of a cadillac, 1960 cadillac, auto show, fly in artwork.
If you wish to see more, just call or email me for specific automotive illustrations.
Eventually it becomes a finished artwork. I prefer to build my designs as mechanical pieces, that is to build colour separations as it develops. It really saves time later when running films.

Studio rules : Since 1996 Plummer Design has used Wacom digitizing pens + tablets. Better than ink as it never needs to dry!

Every line art project is authored in Adobe Illustrator/FreeHand for absolute precision output in any medium.

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