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Let PDI develop a custom kiosk for you. From design to build, all done in-house. For all of your static and portable display needs think forward with Plummer Design.
Kiosk + Interpretive display panels >
A trade show display CAN look like the company it represents. It does NOT have to cost a fortune. It CAN be both light and durable, along with being easy to assemble on site. Since Plummer Design can create your logo, vehicle graphics, web site, stationary, gear and packaging...why not go one more step? click on image below for kiosk sheet :

above : Plummerdesign kiosk
Below > Actual photos
from the install at OSP Hatfield West Trailhead Visitors Center
Hatfield West Trailhead Visitors Center > The project interprets elements of work and play in relation to the historic site by use of people in photographs through time. These characters are at face level with viewer/visitor.

Left panel depicts the area from 1913 - 1945

panel depicts the area from 1995 - 2006. The Mosier Twin Tunnels were bypassed and closed in 1954. Reopened in 2000, the tunnels are a key attraction.

Details >
PDI designed and built not only the image panels, but also the angle iron frames which were powder coated with a flat black finsh in line with the building theme of design. The arch motif for the upper frames is to introduce a "tunnel" portal feel when installed to either side of the building's window panels. The frames offer easy change out of image sets by an innovative pressure mount system.
Mountings > Custom iron frames allow easy change out of interpretive panels. (as-designed/as-built shown below)
Local Elements > To better tell the story of "work", keying in on the local produce and native plants seemed useful. These items were then added to the text sections as paragraph anchors. My skills at photography came in handy. The petrified wood is from the Bonneville area (don't tell anyone).

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