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Before anything can happen artwork needs to be created: a logo, a print layout. When done you even have art for your Word documents. Nice.
Here you will see projects done in a variety of programs- Photoshop, FreeHand, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign and more. But it is not the program that does the work. Programs are nothing more than elaborate pieces of drawing paper. Albeit, drawing paper with rules to follow or the "paper" crashes. Let me show you some of what does what, and how I use them to work out a project. >


Before Word...

Before you have an image to select and drop into any Word document... there must first be the artist. This page is his story.
Art starts with an idea. Then a dollop of creativity is tossed in. Add the element of time to do the work and then of course the tools of the trade > Graphic design software like Photoshop, Flash, FreeHand, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign and so on.
Perhaps you are looking towards using Plummer Design and wondering what tools these are, and maybe how they are employed... this is the page to investigate : )
click for Photoshop/FreeHand sample
plummer design uses adobe products Software : All programs used are cross-platform compatible (PC or Mac okay)
Above : Urban Wine Works/Bishop Creek Cellars was needing promotional T-shirts designed and printed. I started with a redraw of their logo along with various editable elements. Next was to photograph actual wine barrels in effort to retrieve the painted artwork on them. As for the wine barrels, they were located in a cozy, dark wine tasting room- some positioned 10 feet up in the wine storage racks. Not good for photography. But what came of it all was very elegant and nice. Thanks for the project Kris!
Digital art markers : no fumes!
Plummer Design workstations run under Mac OSX and Windows XP. Colour calibration is via Pantone Eye One colormeter under Pantone software.
Hardware stats :
Apple and Dell workstations networked to WD Servers. Wacom tablets, ZIP drives and DVD/CDRW dubbing available.
In-house laser colour and film printing. FTP transfers via WS-FTP. Every job is compiled to a customer CD-R archive for use in your office applications.
click for Illustrator/Photoshop sample
Full-Digital Workflow :
Your project is color-correct, press ready and endlessly adaptable.
Above : The oversized postcard designed for EcoArtisan Painting was done to attract upscale homeowners to consider the contractor's offer to paint. The design consisted of a text and vector layout done in Illustrator, over an image designed in Photoshop, exported to TIF. Output as CMYK at Metro Presort, Portland.

basic drawing (image)
Everything starts with a sketch, but it always ends up as a quality digital finished piece.

File Requests?
Should you require a sample file to show actual work, just ask! Use the Contact page to request specific file formats:
see a video for broadcast
Interactive PDF

Above : As part of the Southshore marketing and promotion, a TV spot was designed and aired over several weeks. The spot was built using (12) Plummer Design photographs as they went through 52 frames of transition. Tools used were Photoshop, FreeHand, After Effects and Avid. The version online here was compressed and batched in Flash. Thanks much to Barb and Ken Greeman for the project. Thanks to Mark Beagle for the broadcast finalization work in Avid.

Digital artistry is like baking a cake using rocket science!
The real roots of Plummer Design are in the fine and classic arts, but all production art is done in digital media. Why? Pen and Ink work is hard to edit. But drawing direct to screen makes edits possible and much less taxing. Most projects are built to the vector format which allows portability and unlimited resizing possiblities.
Below : a project illustrated as vector art, then given textures in Photoshop...

click for InDesign project  newslettersample
Need a newsletter layout?
Send out printed or digital magazine to your customers. Let PDI design it for you! Then export it as an interactive PDF, Flash or PowerPoint feature.
click for illustrated holiday card project
this file is 25mb- not for dial-up

about the Powerpoint link : This is a very large Flash file. Not advised for dial-up users. (download a ZIP file here) I tend to abuse Powerpoint, pushing it past what it was intended for. Then converting the files in Flash. Whatever makes it go eh?

Have an idea?
Want to design it yourself? Use these helpful templates to set up your project. Remember to use a CMYK workflow and convert all texts to paths. If you would rather not take on the task, call plummerdesign to do it.

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VIEWER/USER NOTES: all images are copyright controlled, either by Plummer Design or by logo design owners. Any copying or reuse of these images is unlawful. Please contact Plummer Design for specific file requests. 503.806.4505 direct.
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