Growing up, my favorite pastime was drawing.  My Grandmother kept an ENTIRE cupboard set aside and filled with paper, pencils, markers and anything I could ever desire.  This cupboard was well used.  Later on when needing rent & grocery money, my talents provided work in doing spot illustrations, newspaper ads and painting commercial building signs.  The advent of computers and Wacom tablets changed EVERYTHING so that by 1997 my work flow went nearly 100% digital.  SECRET: I still begin each project with a pencil and paper sketch.  Don't tell.

Jeffery Plummer, Graphic Designer + Multimedia Creative.




Proven industry background in design and layout, commercial art, marketing and project management, web and print advertising, promotional content, direct mail, social media, and broadcast media for TV, radio and Internet.  Add to this experience designing static and interactive displays, content writing, screen print design as well as exacting pre-press and print preparation.  Digital campaign savvy with Google Ads and Google My Business set up and maintenance, custom web site and CMS authoring, Word Press and associated web site SEO and optimization chops.

Track record of strategic thinking and achievement — all the while serving up unique graphic art solutions, expanding applicable media knowledge, volunteering experience, and being selected for positions of leadership, training and responsibility within the commercial arts industry.  Art is such an integral part of our humanity, offering person to person connectivity for a shared experience. Visual art conveys the tone, feel and intent of the event, person, product or service it represents.  There should be no distinction between arts designed for print, for the web or as a static gallery display- it must tell a story that is easily understood by all.


Primary tools used daily:
Adobe CC - Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Acrobat DC Pro, Muse, Animate. Word Press, FreeHand.  Office 365 – Word, SharePoint, PowerPoint, Outlook, Coffee.

Secondary tools used as needed:
Autodesk AutoCAD LT, Ipswich WS-FTP, Adobe Spark, Fireworks, Hootsuite, Vegas Pro, Canva, Sketch, AfterEffects & MORE Coffee.


Today is a gift.  Make it holy.



Since 1996, I have operated as owner and creative in a full service B2B production-design studio providing graphics and marketing solutions to ad agencies, publishers, broadcasters, printers, and web masters.  Many of the firms I have developed materials for already had an in-house art department.  My contracted role being to bring creative, original concepts and ideas in from the ground up. This ability to create from a spark of thought is where my services have found repeated - and profitable purpose.  It has been a true joy to be of use to so many!


For full details of my professional experience, please visit my profile on LinkedIn.
Career resume available on request.




Music is not only a soundtrack but also an extension of who we are within.
It can bring us to tears, carry us into deep prayer and bounce us onto the dance floor.  Music has always been part of my being.  The textures and soundscapes crafted by those who know how to do so have permeated my brain, memories and emotions. Rather than melt into a drizzle of eulogy for every band or artist that has informed my thoughts, please allow me to note that there are artists on deck today who are just as amazing as those of decades past.

The Pacific Northwest has a wealth of wonderful music for the ears.  From Portland, Oregon we have Parson Redheads, The High Violets, Camp Crush, and Shy Honey . Driving a little farther for Gold Star, Good in the Dark, and Briana Marela.  Support local arts and music; go, see and do!  After the show, take part in community outreach efforts.  There is a lot we can do to make this world a better place.



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