Always something new, something different. Being a designer has limits only determined by oneself.  So why place limits on what can be created?  One cool thing about what I do is the constantly changing range of projects, each with its own set of goals and parameters.
I have designed and built a combined landscape / hardscape project.  There have been several vector projects created to share with the designer community.  A builder needed new home renderings and floor plans, and then the same for an apartment project.  Illustration simplified creates informative infographics for biomedical and professional purposes. My skills were pressed to learn cartography and Eris/GIS data application.  Then to reacquaint my hand and pencil to draw the human anatomy.  As a follower of Christ, my developer chops were applied to  the testimonial website bearing my name which has been finding readers worldwide.  Adding to this, in late 2021 Make it Holy was launched, fully trademarked and delivering a life affirming message.  For 2023 I am working for the State of Oregon-Secretary of State to deliver their graphic and media needs. (April 2023)


The landscaping project was an effort to apply what I do for others at my own Troutdale residence.  The entire yard, plantings and structures were removed prior to designing and doing the landscaping.  My intent was to create a drought-resistant, low maintenance yard that offered a unique visual appeal.  The design leads the eye from one corner to the other with a natural sweep influenced by a dry creek bed.  I formed and poured several large concrete steps connecting the sidewalk to the entry, a way to welcome visitors.  The gabion walls withstand the strong winds we endure - while lending a needed vertical element.  All stone is native to the Columbia River gorge, Mt. Hood at Lolo Pass and Bingen Washington.  Each and every stone was loaded into my trailer by hand and placed into the landscape by hand; one-stone-at-a-time by myself (oy!).  COVID 'Stay at Home' mandates provided me the season to construct such a project.  This public plaza and bench were designed to entice neighborhood walkers to pause a moment and to bask in the day (also to hide an unsightly underground utility box).  > PDF PLAN SET HERE
In all, I gained experience in proper metal fabrication and finishing.  And the low-voltage LED wiring hidden into the metal leg of a plaza wall made me feel a bit clever too.  This design and build project adds another arrow to my quiver of useful skills.



The unsung design of necessity - packaging and label design.
The design of brands that you know but hardly notice - abound in our stores and online.  They convey a message of assured quality anytime the product is purchased.  Trust happens here.  But would we have that same trust if it was in a plain, nondescript package?  As consumers our need to satisfy the senses is why we go for packaging that has appeal.  So, where does that appeal come from?


It is the job of a designer to come up with what will best sell that product or service.  A logo, the color and theme of design are thought out with great care.  This, even though the package may end up looking quite pedestrian, sells the product without fanfare.  Consumers know the brand and reach for it on sight.  I have done package design and understand what it requires to create brand allegiance.  There will be revision after revision, all to make that item stand out as better than another.  To become the ‘go-to’ brand.
Consider the simple branding for Mrs. Meyers cleaning products.  The key is how the designer conveyed a retro theme of clean and simple.  It is perfect as-is and nothing to mess with.  I too favor a branding design that is clean, easy to read and to the point.
The Mrs. Meyers logo is rather lonely on its own, but couple it with a muted background color, plus a few lines of informational text and BAM, a product that stands out on the shelf. (Jeffery Plummer)

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