No artist or designer lives without a sketchbook. This page is intended to show what is currently in mine.  For today's entry there are some scans taken from my present endeavor of getting back to the tactile tools of pencil and paper.  That has been SO freeing!  Amen!  The images will change from time to time as opportunity allows.  (June 2021)


The Interactive Oregon Campground Map project began with simple intentions.  I wanted to have a handy, folding map of ALL Oregon Campgrounds.  It would be just like the ones from days of old, on paper.  But not a booklet, nor magazine, or digital only.  My idea is to create a map that has a digital, online counterpart based on a printed campground-finding resource,  useful where there is no internet available.  I mean really, when one is looking for a place to camp in the middle of nowhere, there is no cell phone service.  However, the state agencies stopped producing such a map years ago.  This has been a vexing curse for a fellow such as I who goes far and away from developed state parks to find solace.  This map will give users ALL campgrounds including BLM, US Forest Service, Oregon State Parks, National Parks, State Forestry, and the amenities they offer at each.  The new map needed doing.  Below is a preview image.
Authored in FreeHand MX, and Illustrator using GIS data, it is a TEDIOUS project that only gets love when there is heavy snow, an ice storm, or driving rain keeping me indoors.  ETA is Spring 2022.




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